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Emergency On-Site Data Recovery

AAA - TPR now offers a new on-site Data Recovery service for those who have lost their data and need technical assistance at their site.

Using a unique blend of hardware and software expertise, AAA - TPR's own engineering staff can be on-site anywhere in the United States in a matter of hours, ensuring your data has the best possible chance of recovery.

This service tackles some of the barriers facing those who have suffered data loss. Some people are unsure of the correct handling procedures for their particular media and need assistance in the actual removal of the disks or tapes from their site. Others may work in Government or companies where highly confidential data must never leave their premises, therefore requiring engineers to go on-site to guarantee total security.

To address these complications, AAA - TPR's on-site data recovery service will carry out tasks ranging from the correct removal of the media, securing of the drive(s), through to a full data recovery. The service is fast, efficient and takes control.

As well as improving the chances of a recovery, on-site data recovery allows the affected company to continue with the rest of their disaster plan. While we carry out the recovery, you can begin to rebuild the system ready for the returned data, or provide a temporary service to your users. Most importantly, this approach ensures the shortest possible downtime for businesses.

By exclusively using AAA - TPR engineering staff, AAA - TPR maintains the highest security and the greatest technical competence in all work undertaken. The on-site service is available 24 hours a day throughout the United States.

Price for this service starts at $5000.00 per day plus expenses.


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