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CRU  enclosures are designed to provide the most reliable solution for your data storage needs. Whether adding a hard disk drive, CD ROM or any other storage or back-up device to your computer system, installation needs to be fast, easy and dependable. CRU enclosures come with easy-to-follow documentation and all the cabling you need to get your system up and running fast. CRU enclosures are constructed with metal or plastic chassis and have plastic bezels allowing a custom look, if desired.

CRU's family of external enclosures for data storage devices cover the full range of sizes, from a small 3.5" model up to a seven-bay disk tower. CRU enclosures have UL, CSA, TUV and FCC certification and have certified power supplies.

CRU, a leading supplier of computer storage products, has been the source of quality computer data storage enclosures for hard disk drives since 1986. CRU is committed to meeting your data storage needs with high quality products and a strong customer support staff dedicated to service.

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