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Quantum DX30


The DX30 addresses the most significant backup challenges facing IT professionals: the time required for backups, confidence in creating complete backups and time to restore data. The DX30 enhances an existing tape backup system by separating the backup target from the backup archive.  The DX30 utilizes the inherent strengths of disk (quick access, high-speed data transfer, and RAID protection) to improve backup functions.  As a result, your tape library can use its strengths (low cost, ability to write large block sizes, removable media, and archival stability) to concentrate on what it does best — archival data storage.  
Here's how it works — after installing a DX30, backup jobs are done directly to the DX30 (the backup target) increasing backup speeds in excess of 216GB/hour.  The software platform designed into the DX30 precisely emulates a tape library (with two to six tape drives), allowing your backup software to function without modification.  The DX30 uses RAID-protected disks to increase your confidence (beyond 99%) that the backup has been completed correctly and can be restored when needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Data transfer rates in excess of 216GB/hour
  • 3TB capacity in 4U
  • RAID 5 or RAID 10 protected disks
  • Integrates with most tape libraries
  • Hot-swappable disk drives
  • Universally rack mountable
  • Redundant 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel network interfaces
  • Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for management and auxiliary functions
  • Browser-based management support
  • Emulates an ATL P1000 with two to six DLTtapeTM drives for plug-and-play software compatibility
  • Redundant fans, power supplies, and interfaces for high availability
  • Integrates seamlessly with exisiting backup software packages


USB 2.0 and FireWire® Enclosures

The DataPort™ USB and FireWire enclosures make it easy to add a Hard Drive, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, or tape drive. Features include ultra compact design, cooling fan, Hard Drive activity LED, and USB 2.0 or FireWire cable. Ideal for MP3 tunes, compressed video, digital pictures, games and backup data.

DataPort™ 4U Rackmount and DAE-900/1200 RAID Ready Enclosures

CRU offers a full line of RAID Ready Enclosures designed specifically for high capacity JBOD or RAID applications, utilizing DataPort VI's with advanced passive backplane technology and DataPort 3n2's (SCA) for high performance Ultra2 Wide SCSI (LVD) and SCSI Ultra160 hard disk drives.

DataPort 3n2

Uniquely designed housing with carriers that accommodates three 3.5" 80-pin SCA 1" high hard drives in two 5.25" half-height drive bay (2U height). High capacity cooling fans provide excellent front to back cooling. The DataPort 3n2 supports Ultra 160 SCSI and can be daisy chained for JBOD or RAID configurations. CRU part number 7780-320-01 (white) or 7780-320-05 (black).

DataPort IIe

DataPort IIe is the most cost effective solution for 5500 rpm or slower hard disk drives. It is commonly used in classrooms to allow students to share computers and transfer their work to and from home, for rapid exchange of large files and where multiple operating systems are used, and in multifunction SOHO systems. The DataPort IIe has a plastic frame and carrier with metal covers and supports IDE ATA-133 interface. It includes keylock for securityCRU part number 9030-251-91.


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