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DAE-900 & 1200 RAID Ready Tower Enclosures


  • 9 or 12 Hot swap drive bays with three or four CRU DataPort 3n2 Hot-swap modules

  • SCA 80-pin interface to support Ultra160 SCSI JBOD or RAID applications

  • Dual 300W load-sharing, fault-tolerant, hot swappable power supplies

  • Built-in SCSI ID Selector with LED display

  • Overload, over voltage and short circuit protection

  • AC and DC power line conditioning

  • Multiple high output cooling fans for maximum cooling

  • Product of USA

*RAID controller not included

Product Description 
The DAE-900 and 1200 (Disk Array Enclosure) integrated with CRU's DataPort™ 3n2's, for high performance Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) and Ultra160 SCSI SCA hard disk drives, are designed specifically for high capacity RAID applications. The standard configuration has three CRU DataPort 3n2's with the top 5.25" full-height drive bay available for an external RAID controller or future expansion. A configuration with four integrated CRU DataPort™ 3n2's supporting 12 hard disk drives is also available for maximum capacity.

The dual 300 watt power supply system of the DAE-900 and 1200 is one of the highest quality fault-tolerant power supply systems available. It offers true two way load-sharing and hot-swappable capability.  If one of the power supplies should fail, the system produces an audible alarm and an LED signal, allowing users to change the failed power supply module without turning the power off. Multiple high capacity ball bearing fans keep the system operating at cool temperatures. The back panel offers various cable connector options.

With all the features designed by CRU, the DAE-900 and 1200 series offers the most cost-effective RAID-ready enclosure for Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) and Ultra160 technology.  Customer specified configurations and colors are available. Contact your sales representative for details.

The Ultra160 SCSI RAID Solution

For Ultra160 SCSI RAID applications, CRU recommends RAID Ready enclosures with either DataPort VI 80-pin SCA carriers or DataPort 3n2. Please refer to Ultra160 SCSI Technical Bulletin for more detail.


DAE-900 and 1200 Tower with DataPort 3n2 for 1" height SCA HDD (White or Black)

Capacity up to twelve 3.5" 80-pin SCA 1" Height Hard Disk Drives, Integrated DataPort 3n2, Two 300W Load Sharing, Redundant, Hot Swap Power Supplies, Power Cord, External SCSI Cable (68-pin HD), Active Terminator, Dimensions: 6.00"W x 24.00"L x 19.00"H


Part Number Description Product Weight UPC Number
809-8000-01 DAE-900, 3 Integrated 80-pin SCA DP 3n2 (9 x 1" HDD carriers), white 54 lbs. 673825405109
809-8000-05 DAE-900, 3 integrated 80-pin SCA DP 3n2 (9 x 1" HDD carriers), black 54 lbs. 673825405116
812-8000-01 DAE-1200, 4 integrated 80-pin SCA DP 3n2 (12 x 1" HDD carriers), white 58 lbs. 673825405123
812-8000-05 DAE-1200, 4 integrated 80-pin SCA DP 3n2 (12 x 1" HDD carriers), black 58 lbs. 673825405130


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